Zero to Maker: Attack of the Side Project

Makers amaze me. I'm always in awe of how many different projects they seemed to be juggling at once. As soon as you dig into a conversation, you can usually uncover about five more that they're mentally planning. Show them a new tool and you'll get a list of new... Read more »

Zero to Maker: Adventures in 3D Scanning

Then, SNAP! Andrew and I both jumped as all of the cameras shuttered simultaneously. That was it: quick and painless. I took my turn in the chair, and remained unphased as the simul-shutter snapped my photo....later that night, I had a 3D model of my head swirling around on my... Read more »

Zero to Maker: Arduino and Beyond

Learning how to program Arduino was a must-do for my Zero to Maker process. For a beginner like me, this turns out to be an easier thing to say than to do. I wanted to learn it right and really understand what I was doing, which meant - and I'm... Read more »

Zero to Maker: CNC Class Comes Full Circle

In my last post, I heralded the underrated benefits of analog drawing and why I think it's the perfect gateway to making. The post was not, however, meant to take anything away from the incredible benefits of computer-aided tools. In fact, after last night's ShopBot class at TechShop, I have... Read more »

Zero to Maker: Knowing What You Don’t Know

I just got back from New York City where Eric Stackpole and I spent the weekend exhibiting and talking about OpenROV at the Open Hardware Summit and World Maker Faire. Although it wasn't quite as big as Maker Faire Bay Area, it was an unbelievable gathering of makers and creators... Read more »