Zero to Maker: Makerapolis, Minnesota

I grew up in Minneapolis and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I still believe that the people are the nicest in the world, and that it's a fantastic place to live. I didn't, however, realize how much of a maker town it is. Read more »

Zero to Maker: Attack of the Side Project

Makers amaze me. I'm always in awe of how many different projects they seemed to be juggling at once. As soon as you dig into a conversation, you can usually uncover about five more that they're mentally planning. Show them a new tool and you'll get a list of new... Read more »

Zero to Maker: Adventures in 3D Scanning

Then, SNAP! Andrew and I both jumped as all of the cameras shuttered simultaneously. That was it: quick and painless. I took my turn in the chair, and remained unphased as the simul-shutter snapped my photo....later that night, I had a 3D model of my head swirling around on my... Read more »

Zero to Maker: Arduino and Beyond

Learning how to program Arduino was a must-do for my Zero to Maker process. For a beginner like me, this turns out to be an easier thing to say than to do. I wanted to learn it right and really understand what I was doing, which meant - and I'm... Read more »

Zero to Maker: CNC Class Comes Full Circle

In my last post, I heralded the underrated benefits of analog drawing and why I think it's the perfect gateway to making. The post was not, however, meant to take anything away from the incredible benefits of computer-aided tools. In fact, after last night's ShopBot class at TechShop, I have... Read more »