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Make: 43 — Wires and Threads

Make: 43 — Wires and Threads

Today's microcontrollers and microsized computers greatly surpass those of even just a year ago, making almost any project feasible. And some of the hottest projects right now come from the world of wearables. Read more »

Make: 42 Annual 3D Printing Guide

Make: 42 Annual 3D Printing Guide

From scrappy laser-cut wooden kits only a few years ago to today’s sleek-looking machines, desktop 3D printing continues to evolve into evermore consumer ready machines. Since there are so many uses and user types for 3D printers, from schools and teachers to product prototypes and engineers, our guiding question was... Read more »

Make 41: Tinkering Toys

Make 41: Tinkering Toys

To a maker, a toy can be many things. It can refer to an entertaining product that delights while educating, like Lego sets and electronics kits. It can be an apparatus like a plastic injection-molding machine that helps us produce figurines and widgets. Or it can be a new creation... Read more »

MAKE 40: Makerspaces

MAKE 40: Makerspaces

From TechShops to Fab Labs, makerspaces are popping up around the country and the world, helping makers gain experience, develop support networks, and build bigger and better than ever before. Read more »

MAKE 39: Robotics

MAKE 39: Robotics

There’s never been a better time to get excited about DIY robotics! In this issue Mythbuster, model maker, and combat roboticist Grant Imahara talks about hacking everything from a giant spiderbot to R2-D2. Check out the latest in humanoid robots and open-source robotic platforms. Then, build your own bots that... Read more »

MAKE 38: High-Tech DIY

MAKE 38: High-Tech DIY

Make 38 celebrates our love of personal tech with the coolest new mobile gadget projects, from touchscreen tablets to open-source laptops to arduino-powered cell phones. Take your photography to the next level with 3D-printed cameras and the latest camera hacks and tricks. And get inspired with many other exciting how-tos,... Read more »

MAKE 36: Boards

MAKE 36: Boards

MAKE Volume 36 takes a look at the exploding market of boards and microcontrollers. Powerful and easy to use, microcontrollers allow anyone to add sophisticated interactivity to their projects, and Arduino and Raspberry Pi have ushered in a whole new generation boards tailor-made for making. In this issue, we take... Read more »

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