Gingerbread readerboards

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories writes – “Milton Lau and his students in Hawaii built this (non-baker’s) dozen set of holiday ornament gingerbread readerboard people. These were built using the holiday electronics kits.” – Link. Previous: LED Holiday Project Kits – Link. Read more »

Zeke the balancing Snowbot

Gary writes – “Hi! I recognize you’ve had a couple balancing robot entries in the past few weeks, so you may be looking for something else. But I finally got around to posting some pictures of my balancing robot since it dressed up as a snowman for this year’s Christmas... Read more »

DIY Poker table

MAKE Flickr photo pool member Mushmouth26 made his own DIY poker table- “This is a $99 plastic table from Sams. I modified with cup holders for poker games. The table itself works great for poker. The problem was that the cards would get wet from the sweat coming off the... Read more »

Take Your First Step Off the Grid

When I needed portable power for my Small Form Factor WiMax project, I remembered seeing mention of Sundance Solar over at TreeHugger. Their $369 solar kit looked like just what I needed. The kit is pretty simple: a solar cell (24W cell pictured above) and a rechargeable power pack made... Read more »

Ornamentia: The Art of David White

Arwen sent along this artist who makes ornaments from discarded electronics – “Using recycled vacuum tubes and other found objects, David crafts each Ornamentia into a unique piece of art. Ornamentia is an industrial revolution, fusing old tech with modern style…” – Link & Etsy store. Read more »

Night of the Radishes – radish sculptures

Shawn writes – Tonight’s the traditional Oaxacan Folk Art fesitval involving the carving of radishes… who knew??? ” A uniquely Oaxaca expression of the Christmas season is the Noche de Rabanos (Night of the Radishes) on the evening of December 23rd, an evening in which the zocalo becomes the scene... Read more »