Multimeter clock

FunnyPolynomial squeezed a modified red LED clock into a stylish Digital Multimeter case! – Link. From the Maker store: With the LEDkitâ„¢ solderless clock kit, you create a giant — 9″ x 5″ — super bright self-standing clock only 1/8″ thick that keeps accurate time — even during power... Read more »

Retro Clean

Retro Clean is a powder created especially to remove age spots and and enhance the colors in your fragile and faded vintage linens. I can see this product coming in really handy for thrift-happy crafter types! Simply soak your items in Retro Clean for up to two days–it works best... Read more »

Meat House is Gross, Interesting

Now bear with me, I think this is just as gross as anybody, but how clever! Since I don’t eat meat, using it as a building material seems just as reasonable as using cement, which I also don’t eat. Anyway, this sausage house with a bacon roof is neat. I... Read more »

LEGO organizing tips

Here’s something that had never occurred to me: organizing your LEGO brick collection by creating same-size blocks/stacks and then just removing the number you need during a build. Kind of obvious, but… How to organize your Lego bricks for efficient building – Link Read more »

Cal Lane’s Steel Lace

The New York Times has a great feature on artist Cal Lane, who creates intricate lacework sculptures using a torch on old steel items such as wheelbarrows and shovels. Link. Read more »

DIY Facehugger Alien bag charm

Eva writes in – I drew what I think is a cute picture of a chubby Alien facehugger, and tried to crochet is as a bag charm. Success! I’ve written out general instructions for making one, so now you can have a facehugger charm, keychain, or brooch too! DIY Facehugger... Read more »

Working Stargate

This is freaking rad – a maker made a working Stargate (by working I mean it dials up a planet, lights up, etc – it doesn’t actually transport you anywhere, yet). Read more »

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