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Lost PLA Casting from 3D Prints


Jeshua Lacock recounted his experience of casting metal parts directly from 3D Printed PLA with a fantastic photo-filled writeup and...

Introduction to Lost Wax Casting


Want to make jewelry or other intricately detailed metals? Learn the basics of lost wax casting with this introduction.

Metal Casting with Your 3D Printer


The ever-growing variety of 3D printing filaments is amazing — we can now print in strong, flexible, glowing, and dissolvable...

Proverbial Tails Studios by OtakuSquirrel

Plastic Pony Wigs


My Little Pony enthusiasts are serious about their ponies. Apparently there’s a whole community of folks who lament the fact...

Lost Wax Casting


Ever wonder how metalsmiths and jewelry makers create intricate forms in molten metal? One common method is lost wax casting,...

Lost Knowledge: Online resources


The weekly Lost Knowledge column explores the possible technology of the future in the forgotten ideas of the past (and...

Maker Spotlight: Amy Beaulisch


This maker spotlight was brought to us through Maker Faire Rome.  You’ll be able to find them and many more...

1 - 20 of 49 results
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