Bazaar: Spinster Yarn & Fiber in Baltimore, MD

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Bazaar: Spinster Yarn & Fiber in Baltimore, MD

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Bazaar: A Review on Spinster Yarn & Fiber in Baltimore, MD
By Moxie
When you’re as fiber-obsessed as I am, you seek out all opportunities to expand your pallet and deplete your bank account. While visiting in-laws in the Baltimore area, crafty research directed me to Spinster Yarns & Fibers.
Living in the historical Lauraville neighborhood, Andrea Donato and her friends were having coffee one day and imagining what was missing from their community. Filling a niche and following her passion, Andrea decided to create an eco-friendly yarn haven for knit, crochet, and spin enthusiasts. Andrea is especially fond of their weekly Saturday Knit and Hook Night. “Everyone is welcomed,” she said “and we get a little wild and crazy in here.”
The reason I made my visit to Spinster was the custom batt station. I love needle-felting with batts, but I’ve never had the opportunity to create blends of my own. With well over a dozen glass candy jars full of fibers of all colors, textures, and origins to choose from, I could have stayed and made batts all day.
The orange and green batt, which I’m calling “Citrus Town” is made of merino, Romney, Border Leicester, and a tiny bit of sparkle. The rich pink and purple batt, which I named “Beyond Pepto” consists of Tencel, sparkle, Targhee, and Border Leicester.
Andrea took the fibers I chose, combed out the curlies, and with finesse and a whole lot of elbow grease, she conjured these beautiful batts for me. I can’t wait to stab them.
January marked Spinster’s 1st anniversary, and the yarn community is thriving. The store is packed full of beautiful yarn, fiber, and accessories, and there are a ton of classes to take, if you sign up early. Andrea’s favorite part of teaching spinning class is the breakthrough moment when a student “…smiles and says ‘I got it! I’m making yarn!'” She said, “That makes me so happy.”
Andrea Spinsteryarn Review
Spinster Yarn & Fiber
4337 Harford Rd # 1
Baltimore, MD‎, 21214
(410) 444-YARN
About the Author
Moxie is an artist and writer living in Seattle. She likes context, ice cream, and you.

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