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Sunday’s DIY workshop at CHI 2009 was a great time, with a thoughtful mix of academia and hands-on projects. DIY for CHI was a workshop presented at the CHI2009 conference in Boston. We had a chance to meet and greet important people who are teaching and studying the arts of creating computer interfaces with students and other participants. There were productive discussions about creating data collecting systems, opportunities to grow the academic side of the DIY movement, and the pleasures and pitfalls of living with DIY practitioners. Demonstrations included creating wearable input devices, making RFID sensing units, making fabric out of plastic bags, circuit bending, a site visit to the Boston Fab Lab and more.

As a followup for the workshop, dorkbot boston has created a get together at the MIT Media Lab:

Dorkbot: DIY for CHI
Dorkbot: DIY for CHI Methods, Communities, and Values of Reuse and Customization
Tuesday 7 April 2009 7:00 PM
Bartos theater, Lower Level, at the MIT Media Lab (building E15 on the MIT campus) map
Free! Open to everyone!

Check it out and bring your ideas for building community around DIY in education, and society.

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