This Week in Making: Voltron DIY Kit, Fidget Spinner Nails, and More

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This Week in Making: Voltron DIY Kit, Fidget Spinner Nails, and More

Fidget Spinner Fingernails

Okay, this fidget spinner fad may officially be a little out of control. I love a good spinner toy as much as the next maker (just bought a really nice one from Maker Faire Bay Area that was in the shape of one of Genji’s shurikens), but tiny spinners that decorate your fingernails seems, in my opinion, to be a little much.

I am impressed by Natasha Lee’s ability to get the spinners to be so small. They are not just for show either; the spinners do actually spin and serve their practical purpose. If you are all about fidget spinners, and want to make these little ones for yourself, then watch Lee’s video. She describes her process in depth. Full warning: you will need finesse and patient hands to pull this off.

DIY Voltron

Voltron is so cool. There is just something about mechanical lions combining into a giant robot that gets the five-year-old inside of me really excited. If you liked Voltron as much as I did growing up, you need to check out this DIY model.

Photo is courtesy of Lessonart80

Composed of three hundred and forty 3D printed parts, this model was designed by Korean maker Kwang Jun “Juny” Park. Park is looking for a large company to help get the entire model mass-produced.

I am hoping he instead chooses to sell the entire thing as resin kit for makers to download and create on their own. I think he would get a lot more money out of that type of deal, and I know that there are quite a few people (myself included) who would shell out for the chance to put this bad boy together.

Sunday Sermon with Adam Savage

If you were unable to join us last weekend for Maker Faire Bay Area 2017, join us in spirit by watching Adam Savage’s annual “Sunday Sermon.” Savage’s keynote speech on Sunday morning has become a staple of the world’s largest show and tell. The theme of the speech changes with the times.

This year, Savage congratulated makers on all the amazing projects and advancements that they have made this year, but reminded audience members that we cannot lose sight of ensuring we are making a positive impact on the world through our individual craft.

Humble Bundle

This is your last chance to purchase a special Make: themed Humble Bundle. Loaded with books that cover a range of topics, from using tools to making things glow and crafting a workbench to 3D printing, buying into the Maker Movement has never been easier. The deal ends on the 31st (next Wednesday) so take this Memorial Day weekend to spend time with the family and talk over who is going to get each book.

Mobile Makerspace Kickstarter

In many areas, schools can’t afford to have makerspaces. A single mobile makerspace can cater to several schools at once, teaching kids STEAM subjects and skills.


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