Weekend Watch: Painting With Gunpowder

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Weekend Watch: Painting With Gunpowder

With a name like “Painting with Gunpowder” you might be tempted to assume “Gunpowder” is a nickname of sorts, and that our artist goes by the name of “Gunpowder”. However, in this case the title is literal. These stippled images of animals were created by laying out individual grains of gun powder and, doing what you typically do with gunpowder, lighting it on fire.

This is the art of Danny Shervin from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He spends hours getting everything perfect before the final test, lighting it on fire. You can find his art work, some images, and a shop at his personal site.

The videos don’t show the process leading up to the final burn, but they can be mesmerizing nonetheless. Here’s a playlist of 10 different paintings being burnt into reality.


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