Laser Cut a Stencil for Adjustable Infographic Graffiti

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Laser Cut a Stencil for Adjustable Infographic Graffiti

Laser Cut Stencil Graffiti Pie Chart Infographic
For those of you who want to practice dissent using statistics, you can laser cut your own spray paint stencil with an adjustable pie chart and lettering. This comes to us from Golan Levin, who offers Illustrator PDF files in two sizes so that you can act like an infographic rebel in your own neighborhood. Of course, we don’t actually condone defacing property that doesn’t belong to you; 100% of those that do so are breaking the law.


32 thoughts on “Laser Cut a Stencil for Adjustable Infographic Graffiti

  1. David Barak says:

    He should make one that reads:

    “Golan Levin uses XX% of the world’s volatile cancer-causing chemicals for making political statements like this.”

    That’s like shooting someone who disagrees with you at the peace rally you organized.

    1. A Burns says:

      Why the should?

      Either you think your satire is great and you’re willing to look up the research yourself and include the actual statistic to stop him spraying, or you just assume that anything that is anyway bad will do more bad than any amount of resulting inspiration can do good.

      Also, no one organised a peace rally without inspiration. Its rare and precious in a way that makes gold look commonplace.

      Really you comment struck me as your attempt to shoot him at a peace rally he organised.

  2. tonyvr says:

    Once again, MAKE is propogating techniques to deface our neighborhoods.  What is it that you guys don’t get?  Graffiti is ugly, abusive, lowers property values, and is illegal (probably even on property you own).  No property owner would deface his/her own building, and therefore this post is completely without merit.

    There is so much cool stuff out there to report on — stop pandering to criminals.

    1. Sam Ley says:

      – Graffiti is ugly – not always. Graffiti sometimes makes an ugly, neglected aspect of city infrastructure into something beautiful or attractive.
      – Abusive – not always – neglected city infrastructure is abusive to residents who have no control over it.
      – Lowers property values – only in places where property values are high
      – Illegal – sure, but not on property you own (unless you were suckered into covenants that prevent you from putting up art on your property).
      – No property owner would paint his own building – not true, many building owners have actually hired well known graffiti artists to improve their buildings with quality paintings. I’m not talking about “tags”, but actual art.

      I’m not generally a fan of graffiti on personal property, but graffiti on city infrastructure I have a much more nuanced view of… Sure it is illegal, but illegal and wrong are not 100% linked, as everyone knows. Everyone owns the city infrastructure, and if the people in power are ignoring it, I don’t feel too bad about local residents taking a little control of it by putting up things that are important to them.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @tonyvr:disqus it appears you missed this part of the post

      “Of course, we don’t actually condone defacing property that doesn’t belong to you; 100% of those that do so are breaking the law”

    3. Tiffany says:

      “Graffiti is ugly!” Wrong. Graffiti is not ugly until you paint over it and piss someone off

    4. M. "Shadyman" Lange says:

      Spray chalk?

    5. M. "Shadyman" Lange says:

      Spray chalk?

    6. Pete Prodoehl says:

      We prefer the term “public art” when done properly:

  3. Anonymous says:

    It would be nice if we could have you limit what gets posted to actual comments instead of these long lists of tweets.  Twit heads are fine but do we really need to see everyone one who merely retransmits ?

    1. Bill Porter says:

      I’d rather just get rid of the ‘reactions’ entirely. What point do they server?

      1. A Burns says:

        The reactions show the publishers what people actually do, instead of what they just say. Its important to be able to show advertisers (yes, I know, that word makes me what to take a shower too when I hear it) and it helps keep the books balanced.

    2. Bill Porter says:

      I’d rather just get rid of the ‘reactions’ entirely. What point do they server?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree it is so offensive that Graffiti (the only voice of the poor and oppressed) has to be shoved in our faces.  I mean aren’t we rich enough to deserve not being assailed with the political realities of the lower classes ?  I say feed them cake and hang anyone of them that defiles our well deserved pretty world.

  5. VRAndy says:

    Ocean life depleted?  5:30.
    USA Energy Consumption?  9:30.

    (Film at 11:00)

    Seriously, it doesn’t really read as a pie chart to me without some sort of fill. 

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