Downloadable Kids’ Dart Gun Targets

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Downloadable Kids’ Dart Gun Targets

Diane Gilleland recently turned me on to the blog What I Made from Scott Bedford in London. Scott’s illustrations and projects are fun and charming and clever, and I’m really enjoying going through his archives and look forward to seeing more from him. This fun set of kids’ dart gun targets are available for download on his site.

My son won a plastic dart gun at the local fair, it was actually quite cool, it shot suction darts and little rubber bullets – and it shot them pretty far. So far in fact, that most of them ended up in the neighbour’s garden! So with bullet preservation in mind I encouraged my son to shoot at targets (so we could easily retrieve the bullets).

You can print them out, have the kids color them and then set them up so they can be knocked down with anything from the obvious dart gun to marbles, bean bags and more. Also be sure to check out the marble run he and his son created for a project at his son’s school. Quite impressive!

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