Robot Sketchbook Cover, by Toxic_Panda_Crayon, age 11

Paper Crafts

My amazing friend Sasha is only 11 years old, but she already has quite the body of artwork and graphic designs under her belt. I just love this sketchbook cover collage that she made of a robot, using paper that she cut out of Vogue magazine. With some glue, scissors, and some recycled media, Sasha was inspired and worked on this notebook mod for several hours yesterday. Under the username Toxic_Panda_Crayon, she has posted tons of her creations on deviantart. I am so impressed that at her tender young age she has such a portfolio of photoshop drawings too! After we checked out her journal last night, she taught me how to download and install brushes even! She is totally a Super Crafty Kid, and I promise to keep you updated on her projects in the future!

4 thoughts on “Robot Sketchbook Cover, by Toxic_Panda_Crayon, age 11

  1. Ednamar says:

    Oi,adoro passar por aqui tem trabalhos lindos.obrigada por compartilhar conosco tanta criatividade…bjs

  2. Megnificent Made says:

    This is quite impressive for someone so young. She’s got a bright future!

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