We’re Stoked for These 2 New Features in Meshmixer

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We’re Stoked for These 2 New Features in Meshmixer

Autodesk, creators of numerous CAD and 3D modeling packages, has released a new version of Meshmixer. Meshmixer is quickly becoming the swiss army knife tool for 3D printing fans with its ever growing list of features. Whether you are trying to combine two models into a crazy combination or just need really good support structures for your model, Meshmixer is the go-to tool.

The biggest focus for Meshmixer 3 is the inclusion of more tools for multi-material 3D printing. Now sections of a model’s mesh can be selected and joined together into groups known as complexes. These can then be modified more easily and exported to print in different materials.


Another exciting addition is the inclusion of a tool to turn a 3D model into flat patterns for cutting with a laser cutter, CNC mill, or desktop cutter. This can be a fun way to make your models out of other media, like cutting paper masks.

A 3D model along with its flattened parts.

Autodesk created a great video highlighting the new features found in Meshmixer 3. Take a look and then share with us @Make over Twitter any creations you make with this great too.

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