Bukobot 8

3D Printing & Imaging Workshop
Bukobot 8


Nimble, expandable, and smartly innovative, the Bukobots will make a lot of new RepRap fans.
Torture test print. Click to view large.

DIEGO PORQUERAS EXPLORED HIS PASSION FOR 3D PRINTING at monthly meetups at the Crash Space hackerspace in L.A., where he got to know a range of printers and their operators, including future Deezmaker collaborator Rich “Whosawhatis.” It was a great way to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each machine. The fruits of his investigations? The promising new RepRap Buko framework and an entire line of Deezmaker Bukobot printers, inspired by Prus Mendel, Printrbot, and Wallace models and augmented by his own engineering ideas.

2013 MAKE Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing

  • 3D Printers Buyer's Guide — 15 Reviewed
  • Getting Started in 3D
  • Learn the Software Toolchain
  • 3D Design for Beginners
  • 3D Printing without a Printer

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Just Released! 2014 MAKE Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing

  • Primo Features Extendable in any axis, synchromesh cables, Azteeg electronics, custom Tatsu drive gear, printed fan shroud, optional duel extruders
  • Print volume 8″×8″×8″
  • Print speed 120mm/sec
  • Print material PLA, ABS, PVA
  • Resolution (z-axis) 0.1mm-0.3mm
  • Machine software Repetier-Host
  • Slicing software Slic3r (Try our BukoBot 8 slicing profile. Right-click and save.)
  • OS supported Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Open Source Yes
  • Price as tested $1,385 assembled
  • Pedigree RepRap Prusa Mendel, Printrbot, Wallace
  • Print without PC? Optional, SD card
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