MakerGear M2

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MakerGear M2

Steel-solid, big volume, prints great — with tweaking, the M2 could be best-in-class.
Torture test print. Click to view large.

MAKERGEAR’S M2 IS THE LONG AWAITED FOLLOWUP to their Mosaic 3D printer, and while there is a family resemblance, there’s been a radical upgrade. Forget plywood — this printer’s frame is stainless steel, and the rest of the structural elements are stainless and anod- ized aluminum. The print volume has also been greatly expanded to 8″×10″×8″ — one of the biggest in its price range.

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  • Learn the Software Toolchain
  • 3D Design for Beginners
  • 3D Printing without a Printer

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  • Primo Features Metal construction, heated platform, polished frame, RAMBo mother-board, Teflon leadscrew
  • Print volume 8″×10″×8″
  • Print speed 150mm/sec
  • Print material ABS, PLA
  • Resolution (z-axis) 0.02mm (0.02mm possible)
  • Machine software Printrun
  • Slicing software Slic3r
  • OS supported Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Open Source Yes
  • Price as tested $1,299 kit, $1,499 assembled
  • Pedigree RepRap Mendel/Pruse
  • Print without PC? Yes, SD card

10 thoughts on “MakerGear M2

  1. Gregg Bone says:

    When I go to the company web site, the pricing I see there is not the same as in your article??? I see $1450/$1750 for kit/assembled

  2. Keith Hearn says:

    Something is wrong with the guides ratings for accuracy. The Ultimaker scored a 5/5 and is noted as the most accurate printer. There was a three way tie for runner up, Type A Series 1 scored 4/5, Bukobot 8 scored 4/5, and Replicator 2 scored 4/5. If you look at the accuracy score for Makergear M2, it scored a 5/5!!!! Something is in error in your guide. Page 55 top of the right column for Makergear M2 accuracy.

  3. ByteMuse says:

    If anyone wants more info on this printer – I wrote a review of this printer with analysis of some other printers and general 3D printing info:

  4. Sandro Alberti says:

    Nice review, ByteMuse. Thanks. Your images and some comments leave me thinking, though: this printer does not seem to be as high resolution as the Replicator 2 (which is listed at 0.1 mm versus the M2 at 0.2 mm); seems one needs 0.1mm or higher res in order to consider 3d products good enough for… selling? And also, then, why did the Make guide give the replicator a 4/5 accuracy score, vs 5/5 for the M2?

    1. Sandro Alberti says:

      Hmmm The Make guide shows resolution for the M2 going up to 0.02 mm! (that would be the most precise among the machines they reviewed; how does one get to that setting?)

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