Moat Boat Paddle Battle Is Coming to World Maker Faire

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Moat Boat Paddle Battle Is Coming to World Maker Faire

Moat Boat Paddle Battle – World Maker Faire 2015 Teaser

We are excited to announce the return of the Moat Boat Paddle Battle! The second running of this exciting event will occur during World Maker Faire this September 26–27. This event was a huge success during its first run at Bay Area Maker Faire, and now it’s coming to its home coast.

The Moat Boat Paddle Battle is the creation of Rhode Island’s home for Makers — Ocean State Maker Mill — and is a challenge to design, print, and race 3D printed paddle boats. The boats are limited to a maximum size of 8″ long by 6″ wide, and are raced head to head down two 12′ long, 1′ wide troughs. Sample boats can be downloaded and used to help get designers started.

Two boats from the same team line up to race

The boats must be powered by elastic bands and primarily be 3D printed. There are two classes of boats: Youth class for kids 15 and under (which must use the paddle boat design and has to be 90% 3D printed), and the Open class (which is open to all ages, and boats can utilize different propeller styles and only need to be 80% 3D printed). Additional requirements can be found on the Moat Boat Paddle Battle Rules page.

To make things even more exciting, the Moat Boat Paddle Battle is sponsored by SeeMeCNC, with winners going home with either Rostock Max or Orion Delta 3D printers. These are big prizes to help get competitors to bring their A game.

A young Maker shows off his national pride with his boat.

The event brought out tough competition in California, with a few incredible stand outs. The winning Open class boat, the Zippercraft by Carol Chen, showed what could be possible with a little engineering.

Registration is open now to all those looking to compete. Sign up now to join the action.

Register here!

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