This Week in Making: Hackaday 2017 Grand Prize Winner and DIY Pinball Machine

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This Week in Making: Hackaday 2017 Grand Prize Winner and DIY Pinball Machine

Hackaday 2017 Grand Prize Winner

The Grand Prize winner of 2017’s Hackaday Prize was just announced! The $50,000 prize goes to alexw, who designed an open source, low cost autonomous underwater glider drone that is capable of a wide range of hobby and commercial applications.

Be sure to check out all of the runner-ups. There were a lot of really cool projects this year.

DIY Pinball Machine

Pinball machines can be pretty complicated to put together, especially if you’ve never done it before. This DIY design, created by Chris Mitchell, is on the simpler side though.

Although small, Mitchell’s design addresses the two most important parts of a pinball machine: the flippers and the drop targets. Try making this project yourself, and you should walk away with enough of a basic understanding to jump into designing a more complicated machine.

Motion Controlled Lights

I never like returning to a dark house. It’s a bit unnerving, and my attempts to blindly search for a light switch seem to always end with me banging my face into a wall or something. I’ve always considered buying motion sensing lights, but why buy when you can just make them yourself right?

Pavel Gesyuk seemed to have the same idea. I’m glad I ran into his project on Hackaday while searching for the winner of the Hackaday Prize.

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