10 Terrific Trebuchets

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Hurling objects at long distances with a catapult or trebuchet isn’t anything new (they were being used in their modern form since the 4th century BC) but it sure is fun and certainly satisfying when they actually hit a target. Most of the catapults today were designed for educational (historical recreations) or recreation purposes using everything from pumpkins (the annual Pumpkin Chunking contest) to vehicles as projectiles.

Actually, believe it or not, they are still being used in modern warfare today with Syrian rebels using a makeshift catapult to launch explosives at government troops in the Battle of Aleppo (in 2013) and rioters in the Ukraine used them to launch Molotov cocktails during the Hrushevskoho street riots of this year.

No matter what they’re being utilized for one thing is certain- catapults and trebuchets are making a comeback, especially with the homemade DIY maker community. Collected here are a few of the more unique and interesting takes on the age-old hurling contraption designed by the maker community

If you want to build your own, there does just happen to be a Trebuchet kit available in the Maker Shed.

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