How to Create an Easy Inlay in Wood with Solder

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How to Create an Easy Inlay in Wood with Solder

Caution: Many types of solder are lead-based. Before replicating this project, double check that you are using lead-free solder. Sanding anything that contains lead is a really not-fun, not-safe idea.

“You can’t solder wood, can you?” Asks Warren Downes of the One Wood website and Youtube Channel. Although these materials don’t generally go together, Downes presents a a simple solution in his video below. Although he’s using a CNC machine for this build, he’s quick to assure viewers that you can use a drill press, hand router, or many other woodworking tools for a similar effect.

solder inlay

For this project, Downes carved a Superman emblem 3mm deep into a small piece of wood using his X-carve router. He then used a torch to melt solid lead-free solder into this recession, forming a very messy looking shield. To rectify this situation, he then used a belt sander to make the solder and wood even, then filled in any gaps with a soldering iron.

After filling in the gaps, it was again belt-sanded, then the wood was burned with a torch for an interesting effect. One could also use a random-orbit sander to finish the piece off, or even use stain or urethane.

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As with any project involving power tools, one should use the proper protective equipment, especially for your eyes, though lung and hearing protection might also be needed.

solder inlay

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