17 Star Wars Projects to Celebrate ForceFriday

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Today is ForceFriday — the day that all the Star Wars toys hit the shelves. People are going absolutely insane over it! Makers can’t just go buy toys though, they have to make stuff! Here are 17 things you can make to celebrate the occasion.

Modify a drone into a speeder bike

Relive your favorite fast-paced speeder bike chase scene with these awesome FPV drone videos.

Now that you’ve modified your drone to be a speeder bike, make it an X-wing!


Rule the skies with your own X-wing Starfighter craft.

OK, you’ve done a speeder bike and X-wing, now turn your drone into the Millennium Falcon!


After you build this Millennium Falcon drone, your next challenge is to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Speeder bike, X-wing, Millennium Falcon, what’s next? Drone Tie Interceptor obviously!

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With all of these drones now under your belt, take a turn to the Dark Side with this Tie Interceptor.

Ok, this is the last drone: An Imperial Star Destroyer makes a big impact, and you can build one.

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Now you can truly relive the iconic opening scene of A New Hope with this Imperial Star Destroyer.

Bake some adorable BB-8 cupcakes


Drones not your thing? Take your love of droids into the kitchen with these scrumptious BB-8 cupcakes.

Make a BB-8 puppet for cheap

If you want to build a BB-8, but you’d like him to stick around longer than a cupcake, try your hand at this easy puppet.

Make a Death Star piñata


Give the Death Star some much-deserved payback by making it as a piñata and then hacking it into oblivion.

CNC AT-AT toybox


Break out the CNC mill to make this AT-AT trinket box.

Make adorable edible Tusken Raiders


Tusken Raiders are a pretty volatile group that I wouldn’t want to run into. However, I wouldn’t mind coming across these adorable edible ones if I was wandering the deserts of Tatooine.

Explore this gallery of incredibly detailed Star Wars models


If you want some inspiration to get started on your own build, take a look at this amazing gallery.

Make a pool noodle light saber for boffer battles


Costumes, cosplay, LARPing, and just plain fun. Is there a reason not to make this pool noodle light saber?

3D print some Death Star speaker pods

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What better way to conduct your Star Wars movie marathon than by playing it through these Death Star speaker pods?

Make a Darth Vader fire place


Darth Vader probably definitely hates fire. Too bad. This Darth Vader fire place is amazing and I want one.

Make an adorable Ewok hood


Get your little ones (or yourself!) in the mood to adventure through the forests of Endor with this Ewok hood.

Crochet a Death Star pillow


Maybe for some strange reason you want to keep the Death Star around as a cozy fixture on your couch. Check out this crochet project to build your own.

Make adorable toilet paper tube Star Wars characters


These little guys are perfect kids’ crafts or desk ornaments. Check out the project instructions here.

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