Regretfully, Your Hoverbike Has No Place in Her Majesty’s Secret Service

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Regretfully, Your Hoverbike Has No Place in Her Majesty’s Secret Service


Mr. Furze,

Thank you for your application to the Secret Intelligence Service for the position of Lead Inventor. Whilst we admire the fortitude of your designs and curious nature of your civilian imagination, the agency does not foresee a tactical advantage in the field for your type of creations.

Granted, your work is a fine demonstration of classic English ingenuity, and possibly without peer. We just simply do not have a use for a rocket bike, not even for domestic office transportation. Our agents were also slightly concerned for the sanctity of their knees while piloting your hoverbike, even though the long queue for a ride suggests otherwise.

As such, we have to decline your request for a position with the agency. We will, however, keep your information on file, in the event that a particular mission may require your uniquely eclectic skill set.

On a personal note: Whilst your service might not find a home in our global offices, my youngest son has suggested you pursue a career in online video production. It would also serve as an excellent cover, in the event we pursue a professional relationship sometime in the future.

Thank you for you time, Mr. Furze. We shall continue watching your career with merriment.

— Agent C
9 April 2009

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