Editors’ Picks: 11 of Our Favorite Bike Projects

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Editors’ Picks: 11 of Our Favorite Bike Projects

Bikes — they’re the first machine we ever fixed, built, and fell in love with. Emblem of childhood freedom, gateway to mechanical engineering, deliverer of bodily fitness, vanquisher of carbon pollution. Here are 11 great bike projects you can make right now, from the pages of Make:.

Glow Bike

glow bike
Express yourself in glowing light, and be visible at night — here’s the easy way to pimp your ride with electroluminescent (EL) wire. You can even make it flash to the beat of a boombox.

Hippie Bike Panniers

Gotta haul stuff? Got ten bucks? Make your own cheap and sturdy panniers by reusing 5gal plastic buckets from kitty litter or detergent.

Speed Vest

Image (1) myspeedvest.jpg for post 56023
Riding the savage streets? Be seen by car drivers and display your speed in giant glowing numbers on your back, using an Arduino and EL wire.

DIY Bike Repair Stand

Fix your bike securely so you can fix what’s broke, on this easy-to-make repair stand made with stuff from the plumbing aisle. (Works with fixies too!)

Waterproof Bike Light

Make a long-lasting, eco-friendly, bright, and weathertight taillight by upcycling old soda bottles and cans for raw material. Clever!

College Bike Trunk

Image (3) biketrunk2-thumb-600x450-55248.jpg for post 80092
Bend and rivet sheet metal to make this bombproof, lockable bike trunk that can easily haul a case of your favorite frosty beverage.

Bike-Portable Workbench

This ingenious mini-workshop fits on your rear rack for bike-commuting to the job site. Expense it!

The Bike-Buh-Cue Tandem Charcoal Grill

I wish we’d had this one for Critical Mass: grill burgers on the back of this wacky tandem trike then pass them to fellow riders! (The driver is responsible for administering condiments.)

Simple Cargo Sidecar

Practical and fun for carrying pets or gear, this basic sidecar attaches to any bike. Try scaling it up to haul your friends!

GoPro Helmet Swivel Mount

What’s an epic ride without epic footage? Mount your GoPro to your bike helmet for 360° dolly shots all day long.

Your First Electric Bike

Fed up with your car commute? Electrify your bike with a mid-motor kit. Anyone can do it!



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