8 Safety Necessities for Your Workshop

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Whether you’re starting your own Makerspace or sprucing up your garage, it’s important to incorporate safety features. Better to be prepared and not need it than unprepared when you do!

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Workshop necessities:

1. A coat hook and/or catchall should be placed near the door for loose clothing and jewelry. You can also use this area to store your personal protective equipment (PPE) so that you can put it on right when you enter the shop.

2. A fire extinguisher should be in an accessible area where it is plainly visible, between 3–5 feet off the ground.

3. Make sure your workshop has windows and a good ventilation system, especially for projects involving chemicals or dangerous fumes.

4. Keep a first aid kit with bandages and antibacterial ointment at the ready.

5. An eyewash station should be set up next to your first aid kit, especially if your project involves sparks, shavings, chemicals, or other materials that could release irritating particles into the air. 3D print this threaded component, screw it onto a water bottle, and you’ve got a quick and effective eyewash station.

How do I rinse my eyes?
3D print this threaded component, screw it onto a water bottle, and you’ve got a quick and effective eyewash station.

6. Any closed-toe shoe is better than none at all, but steel-toe boots provide ankle support and grip to protect against falling in addition to protecting your toes from heavy objects that might get dropped.

7. Bright overhead lights will increase visibility, which in turn makes for a safer workshop.

8. Display information on safety and first aid treatment in a highly visible area, ensuring it is readily available when and where you need it most.

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How do I safely tie up hair?

Opt for a bun over a ponytail because it gathers the hair closer to the scalp. Flyaways and shorter layers can be held back with clips or headbands. Hats can further protect against sparks, splashes,
and particles.


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