Classic Concepts in Our New “Mad Science” Humble Bundle

Classic Concepts in Our New “Mad Science” Humble Bundle

For our “Mad Scientist” Humble Bundle, we delved into the archives to amass a stack of best-selling titles that are unmoved by cultural trends. After all, the essentials of chemistry and biology are indelible for the millennia; so are the basics of forensic inquiry. Fire is now as fire was then. Even the mechanics of rocketry has bedrock in the wisdom of physics.

For those looking to immerse themselves in science, this Humble Bundle is for you. Humble Bundle deals collect hundreds of dollars’ worth of materials and sell them at a price you can set yourself. In this instance, we’ve put together over $300 worth of science ebooks; you can have them all for just $20 and some of them for as little as $1. Best of all, everything benefits charity.

Today we “unlocked” two new books for this deal. Don’t worry, if you’ve already bought this bundle, you get these new books too.

Among the titles on offer, we’ve included the intelligent update found in Windell Oskay’s Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory, a 1960s-era text that Oskay — co-founder of the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratory — has updated to modern standards for modern students.

David McGriffey’s Drones book teaches how drones work by providing several DIY projects based on the world’s most popular robot controller—the Arduino. And while flying is fun, adding an Arduino to the mix turns it into a passion.

Perfect for educators, Planes, Gliders, and Paper Rockets comes complete with download links to PDF templates that expand into teaching material. This is a one-stop manual for learning about, interacting with, and being curious about airflow, gravity, torque, power, ballistics, pressure, and force. Organized with lesson plans in mind, this book has all the materials for all of its projects in one easy-to-find spot, offers complete instructions for all builds, and provides discussion materials, questions, and suggestions for ways students can challenge themselves to take their learning to the next level.

As always, our Humble Bundle deal supports the good work of the Maker Education Initiative. Last week, Dale Dougherty introduced their new executive director Kyle Cornforth to the Make: audience. Responding to this collection of titles, Cornforth said, “Experimentation and open inquiry are essential for learning. It’s thanks to the mad scientists of our world, and their wild ideas, that we’re able to innovate new solutions and continue adapting to a changing world. We hope that the projects and Make: ebooks featured in this Bundle also inspire readers to dream, innovate, and make.”

To date, Make:’s Humble Bundle efforts have totaled more than $646,000 for Maker Ed. Cornforth assures it’s money well spent.

“Funds raised for Maker Ed through Humble Bundle allow us to continue building programs and resources that support our vision of a world in which young learners drive their own education through making,” she said. “We remain grateful to both Humble Bundle and Make: for their ongoing partnership and support of our work.”

Check out our “Mad Scientist” Humble Bundle deal before it’s over. It ends in exactly a week at 10:59amPT on Wednesday, March 21.

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