Joey Hudy: One of 10 “Smartest Kids on the Planet”

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Joey Hudy: One of 10 “Smartest Kids on the Planet”
joey hudy and president obama
Joey shows his marshmallow cannon to a  rapt Obama at last year’s White House science fair.

Last month, Super Awesome Sylvia, one of our favorite young makers, was selected to show off her WaterColorBot at the White House and meet President Obama. Yesterday, Joey Hudy, another young maker and MAKE regular, was named by Business Insider as one of the 10 smartest kids in the world. Wow.

The list came from Brilliant, a startup that helps find “underserved” geniuses and connect them with top educators and educational institutions. Here’s what Brilliant wrote about Joey in Business Insider:

At only 16 years of age, Joey Hudy has already met the President of the United States and won a number of awards for his engineering creations, the most recent of which was for creating a solar powered computer in the Sun Valley Solar Ultimate Challenge.

An active participant in Maker Faire, Hudy’s proudest creations so far are his two LED Arduino Shields–printed circuit expansion boards — which he hopes can be used to help introduce other kids to the concept of engineering for fun.

He has also started a small business selling the Shields on several websites.

Hudy is currently completing his high school math and science track at Herberger Young Scholars Academy at Arizona State University, an accelerated school where he’ll graduate next year.

His goal is to become an electrical engineer and to someday work for Maker Media Inc

Joey, we’re saving a place for you.

Joey was invited to the White House science fair last year so we can only assume that Business Insider will get around to bestowing honors on Sylvia next year.

Way to go, kids!

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