Maker Camp 2015: Welcome from Dale

Maker Camp 2015: Welcome from Dale


[Editor’s Note: Today is the first day of a brand-new Maker Camp, now in its fourth year but completely reimagined this summer to get kids making as quickly as possible, and to hand the production over to them as much as we can. Come on in and Explore, Make, and Share together with us! We can’t wait to see what you will make! Our founder, Dale Dougherty, shares his hopes for this summer.]


Welcome to Maker Camp 2015. I can tell you that we have no secret handshakes and no silly rituals at Maker Camp but we do have fun. We don’t have cabins or campfires at Maker Camp but we have lots of Makers for you to meet who do really interesting things.

We have projects for you to build so that you can discover that you are a Maker. You may have your own ideas for projects, and that’s really cool. Maker Camp is all about what you get to do.   

I hope Maker Camp gives you the time to explore the world around you, make anything that really interests you and share it proudly with friends and family. That’s what it means to be a maker.  

Remember this is camp, not school. You can’t get A’s, B’s, or C’s. You get what you make. So, be free and creative. Take a few risks. Try something you’ve never tried before. Solve a problem that might look hard. Making can be more awesome when you do it with others. You might surprise yourself at Maker Camp by just how much you can do. That’s what we’d like our campers to experience. 

I’d like to thank our camp organizers, leaders, and parents who help us bring Maker Camp to you and your community. Please let them know you appreciate their help and support. 

Keep on making,


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