Robot Battles Are Coming to Your Living Room

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Robot Battles Are Coming to Your Living Room


Featured at the 10th annual Maker Faire Bay Area.

Ever wanted your own personal BattleBot competition? Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what the Bot Bash Party service delivers. When you book a party, one of their seasoned robot battle professionals will bring an arena and four remote-controlled battle robots straight to your door. You can duke it out with your friends while the Bot Bash Party host commentates and scores the game.

Zachary Lytle, president and founder of Bot Bash Party (and four-time winner of RoboGames), was on site at the Bay Area Maker Faire to show off his miniature fighting robots, and to unveil some exciting news: coming this summer, the Bot Bash Party service will be starting a summer camp!

The custom built Bot Bash robots are so popular that kids constantly ask how they can get their own robot, so Lytle is building a summer camp to teach children how to build one. The week-long summer camp program is designed to teach up to 16 kids to design and build their own robots using Fingertech Robotics. One the fifth day of the camp, the kids put their robot in an arena and compete in a full-on robot battle.

Lytle wrote an article, Combat Concepting with Cardboard, that teaches you how to mock up and test different robot ideas using cardboard. For more information on the Bot Bash Party service and their upcoming summer camp, visit the Bot Bash Party website for details.

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