Alexa 9000 Brings A Space Odyssey To Your Home

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Alexa 9000 Brings A Space Odyssey To Your Home

I love my home automation and Amazon echo voice control of my house (see my Alexa Controlled toilet). But like any other geek, I have so many Echos now they are littering my home, and there are just so many places one can place an oversized hokey puck.

I decided to get rid of the Amazon Alexa in my home theater and make that Echo more movie-centric. This shows you how I did it.


I found this kit. It’s made of a solid piece of cast resin, easy to drill thru and dremel.I noticed that his Amazon Echo Dot was the EXACT circumference of the HAL9000. (Coincidence? – We need to contact Jeff Bezos on this!)

Using a hole drill, Idrilled thru the resin and formed an opening for his Echo Dot.

Using a dremel tool I cleaned up the inside, making room for the USB plug that powers the Echo itself, as well as to provide storage for the excess wiring and mounting holes.

I decided this version will not have the iconic HAL eye, but I am thinking of doing a more prop-like version in the future.

Using Photoshop, I re-created the label to appear updated:

There is a Company coming out soon with an Indiegogo campaign with a Hal replica and side module. However, this will be several THOUSAND dollars. I appreciate their work, but like doing things on the ‘cheap-er!


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