Sharpening Chopstick Skills with “Chopsticking”

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Sharpening Chopstick Skills with “Chopsticking”



ITP students Christina Carter and Jess Jiyoung Jung want to help you improve your ability to get sushi into your mouth with their deliciously engaging two player board game called “Chopsticking.” The goal of the game, which was featured at World Maker Faire this weekend, is for each player to successfully acquire as many pieces of sushi as they can through the rotating window of the game board, but in order to do so the players must first hold the chopsticks properly and dip their sushi in their soy sauce dish.

6 thoughts on “Sharpening Chopstick Skills with “Chopsticking”

  1. Andrew Terranova says:

    That’s hilarious! It looks challenging enough for Mr. Miyagi.

  2. Riley Porter says:

    I gave it a go. It was fun! I was able to beat my (random) opponent! Getting the soy sauce to blink the light was a bit hard at first. But super fun!

  3. JEmlay says:

    Sushi is FINGER food. You FAIL!

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