Hack an NES into A USB Drive Dock for Retro Data Storage

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Instructible user fungus amungus turned his broken Nintendo Entertainment System into a flash drive dock and modded his game cartridges with 8GB flash drives. Now when he inserts the game carts into the NES, the drives appear on his desktop. As a nice touch, he added custom icons for each drive so that he knows which cartridge is in the NES.


6 thoughts on “Hack an NES into A USB Drive Dock for Retro Data Storage

  1. Wesley George says:

    The real question is whether or not he has to blow in the cartridges before he inserts them into the NES to get the computer to recognize them. ;-)

  2. Dave Pløger says:

    http://www.retrode.org/ if i remember correctly, this is a similar attempt, but including a sega mega drive / genesis Port.

    1. Big says:

      actually the retrode was to play actual cartridges on emulators whereas this uses a usb drive in cartridges.

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