Map of African Tech Hubs and Hackerspaces

A “crowdmap” of technology hubs and hackerspaces on the African continent.

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Hack an NES into A USB Drive Dock for Retro Data Storage

[youtube] Instructible user fungus amungus turned his broken Nintendo Entertainment System into a flash drive dock and modded his game cartridges with 8GB flash drives. Now when he inserts the game carts into the NES, the drives appear on his desktop. As a nice touch, he added custom icons for each drive so that […]

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Light sensor hub allows 6 NXT bricks to talk

Chris Shepherd has an easy way to connect multiple NXT bricks if you don’t want to bother with bluetooth. Each light sensor also has a small LED, allowing it to send out or receive signals. The added benefit? It looks cool when it lights up. (Of course it’s not really limited to six.) I have […]

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