Stuff Your Stockings with Care (and Maker Shed gifts)!

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There may be plenty of presents for Makers under the twinkling lights (Arduino controlled, of course) of your tree, but don’t forget about the stockings hanging from the mantle!  Swing by the Maker Shed and ogle the Maker Shed Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide and get some goodies to fill those stockings.  Forget an orange in the bottom of your sock, pick up a Solder: Time Watch Kit for the fashion-forward geek in your life.  Instead of instant gratification, have your recipients create their holiday treats with the Make Your Own Gummies Kit!


Remember the Simon memory game from your childhood?  This fun DIY alternative replicates the game in a smaller, portable size. The Simon Kit is a great learning experience for beginners, though it does require a small amount of soldering. Replicate the lights or else you’ll be buzzed out!


Make your recipients feel like MacGyver with the Mintronics Survival Pack, a handy tin packed to the gills with on-the-go hacking supplies.  This tin can can slip into your purse, pocket, or glove compartment and makes you feel uber prepared for any situation that may arise.  The Mintronics Survival Pack contains transistors, capacitors, resistors, and many other handy components.


Made popular by their Kickstarter campaign, Skallops are laser cut half moons that, along with playing cards, aid in the creation of just about anything!  Featured here is the Skallops Skulptures – Dinosaur, which builds a fearsome (but kind of cute) dino.  Skallops also can be bought as a Junior Pack, and your little Maker can create whichever creature or design they prefer.

Whether you prefer getting squishy with Thermochronic Glux Putty or cheesy with a Mousebot Kit, all age ranges and interests can be fed with the Maker Shed Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide.

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