Build Bunk Bed Hammocks for Your Cats

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Build Bunk Bed Hammocks for Your Cats

Cat furniture, generally speaking, is not known for being stylish. So while it may be worth investing in a giant tower of remnant carpet just to give a beloved pet some more places to perch and nap, you wouldn’t expect such a thing to look nice as well. That would be way too much to hope for. This homemade two-tiered cat hammock from David Wu, however, looks downright chic.

Photography by David Wu

With clean lines and an unobtrusive color scheme that matches the rest of Wu’s furniture (or at least what we can see of it), the two-tiered cat hammock looks like it belongs there. One of the reasons why it matches so well is probably because many of the parts that he used to make it come from Ikea. He used some Frosta stool legs (leftover from another project) to support the lower joints of the hammock frame. The two pieces of fabric used for the hammocks are each a blanket that’s been folded four times over. The frame was made out of pine 2×2’s joined together with pocket holes. Wu also added rope to the frame and edges of the hammocks.




It looks good, no doubt about it, but do the cats like it? According to Wu, they took to it right away. He attributes this to the fact that he used blankets for the hammock fabric that the cats were used to sleeping on, but maybe they just appreciate clean, modern design. The two-tiered approach gives both of his cats a separate place to relax, soak up the sun, and stare out the window.


In conclusion, David Wu now has two cats and two hammocks. That’s a 1:1 ratio of cats to hammocks! And that’s fantastic.

[via Reddit]

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