Darbin Orvar: Building a Storage Box for Lego

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Darbin Orvar: Building a Storage Box for Lego
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I always wanted to make a really nice storage box for all my Lego pieces, along with a top that allowed you to play right there. So I thought box joints and Baltic birch would make a perfect combination. As a final touch, placing images on the box made the whole thing feel like an old luggage trunk.


I started with ½-inch plywood and measured how big the Lego road plates were to determine the total size. I really think box joints show up amazingly well on Baltic birch, so I decided to enlarge the box joint jig I had previously made to handle just about 12″. On the table saw I made ¼-inch joints with the jig.


Once those were cut I routed out some grooves for the lid and the bottom, as well as the interior divider. After I glued everything together I added some small feet to lift the box, box handles, and a lid handle all made of walnut.

Now I could start adding the stickers I printed out using decoupage. For a final finish I went with two coats of de-waxed shellac.

I really love how this storage box came out, it really feels like a small trunk and it will last a long time.

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