Download and Build This Sine Wave Inspired TV Console

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Download and Build This Sine Wave Inspired TV Console

When I first saw Haldun Kececigil’s parametric TV console, it immediately reminded me of a kinetic wave cabinet I saw last year. However, what I like about Kececigil’s piece is that it only has three simple hinged panels and a minimalist construction while preserving a really dynamic, almost-animate visual appeal.


Kececigil, who also built a paper tube bench that we recently featured, designed the cabinet with ventilation and IR remote connectivity in mind. They both benefit from a slatted front panel, and the space between the slats also allows for LED lighting to provide some ambient illumination from within the console.


aJqqrUy - Imgur

The parametric design was modelled using Rhino with Grasshopper, and Kececigil decided on a light-colored poplar to emphasis the curvature of the slats. He printed out templates for each slat and cut them with a bandsaw.

After cutting the pieces, it’s just a matter of aligning, glueing, and clamping — he uses biscuits to join the panels together, which are a neat alternative to other joinery techniques such as dowels.

Next he tapers and affixes some sleek wooden legs, sands down the case, and attaches the front panels with hinges. Voila! A modern design with the perfect wavy twist.


Kececigil decided to provide the plans for his design after receiving many requests from fellow Redditors. Whether you want to follow in his footsteps, or take the design and run with it, the plans are available on his website.

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