Edible Innovations: Burlap & Barrel Builds International Spice Supply Chain Networks

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Edible Innovations: Burlap & Barrel Builds International Spice Supply Chain Networks

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Ethan Frisch is a former line cook and pastry chef of some of NYC’s top restaurants, and a former international aid worker that visited a variety of places, including Afghanistan and the Syrian/Jordanian border. “As a professional cook, I learned about the importance of high quality ingredients, and as an aid worker, I worked with communities looking for international markets for the food they grew,” he says.

Frisch considers himself an activist entrepreneur, working on issues related to intercultural understanding. “In the United States, most of our food is grown and harvested by international networks of farmers who consumers choose to ignore unless they fit a specific profile.” Not content to sit around, he started building solutions and searching for a way to make a change.

His Solution

His creation is called Burlap & Barrel. It is rethinking international spice supply chains to make them more direct, transparent, and traceable. “We work to end inequality and exploitation in food systems that disenfranchise skilled, serious artisans along the entire chain,” Frisch says. “We connect­ smallholder spice farmers to high value markets, we educate consumers about the impact of product traceability on human rights, and we emphasize unique products with terroir that are grown biodynamically using traditional techniques.”

Hacking the System, Building a Network

Through their extensive networks around the world, Burlap & Barrel sources spices directly from cooperatives and small farms, bypassing brokers and middlemen who drive up prices and obstruct the free flow of information. “We make purchase commitments to give farmers the financial security to expand their businesses without worrying about unexpected shifts in commodity pricing reducing the value of their products,” Frisch says.

Enabling Makers

Frisch is enabling other makers by catalyzing small, local farmers, a role that is as important as directly farming itself. Smallholder farmers in developing countries live with a significant amount of risk; when they plant at the beginning of the season, they don’t know what value their crops will have by harvest time. Burlap & Barrel helps mitigate that risk by guaranteeing a buyer for the spices that farmers grow. This allows the farmers to plan further into the future and establish longer-term financial stability for both their families and communities.

Going Forward

“We believe that impact can be best achieved with scale. Spices represent a huge market in the United States, and we are working to change the industry in ways similar to the changes in coffee, cacao, and other products. Consumers appreciate high quality products with compelling stories, but have never had access to those types of spices before. Our plan was always to reach the individual consumer, but in its early stages our business has been focused mostly on providing wholesale ingredients to chefs and artisanal food producers around the United States.”

In the next few months, Frisch and his team will be broadening the customer base to reach home cooks who appreciate excellent ingredients. They believe in the power of catalyzing local farmers around the globe and all their efforts will be focused on creating and strengthening the supporting network.


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Chiara is fascinated by food as a means to impact bodies, minds, and environment. She has studied international business in three different countries, and is an alumni of the Food Innovation Program and US Director at the Future Food Institute.

Based in California, she is also a Research Scholar at Food Science and Technology at UC Davis, working on building the first comprehensive Internet of Food to enable food care through food systems semantics. She is a selected member of Barilla Center Food Nutrition Foundation, a Research Affiliate at Institute For The Future, Board Member at Maker Faire and selected member of the Global Shapers, a young global network of innovators promoted by the World Economic Forum.

She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and impact investing, and aims to leave her mark on society.

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