5 Creative Projects From Maker Faire Rome


Maker Faire Rome kicked of with some big news today. But alongside the technology announcements, we started to see some of the amazing projects makers – especially students – are bringing to the show. The Istituto Europeo di Design, brought projects developed for its Creative Makers Workshop, “a showcase of the best experimental projects developed during the Courses in Light Design and Model Making within its three-year program in Product Design.”

image002Spock by Thomas Borrelli
Fuel cell table lamp. The only resources required to power the lamp are distilled water and sunlight for charging. Combining the use of three fuel cells to three small solar panels we get a completely eco-friendly lamp.

image004Cromy by Silvia Gemma
Sliding the spheres along the acrylic luminous spiral, the child activates magnetic sensors that change the colour of the RGB LEDs. The interaction between the child and the abacus favours the development of the mental and perceptual faculties of the child.

image005Punto G. by Edoardo Navarra
Table lamp with on/ off magnetic sensor. The structure of the lamp contains a magnet that interacts with a sensor embedded in the light source. An invisible point in the lamp is responsible for the switching of the light. The search of the “mysterious” point establishes the interaction between the lamp and the user.

image007Musical Chairs by Moreno Onori
Instead of subtracting one stool at any round as in the original classical game, the micro-controller switches off a luminous stool at any round. A program coordinates between the lights, music and colors, increasing the interaction between the players.

image019Students Alessio Casciano, Mattia Bonavolontà, Marco Bonanni, Luca D’Elia, Enrico Martini and Giacomo Guttuso, present the results of their research on rotational moulding technology that allows hollow and complex shapes casting using a large variety of polymeric and ceramic materials.

Check out the Maker Faire Rome website for more information.

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