How-To: Plastic Animal Candle Holders

Growing up, it was always a special treat to use the special set of birthday cake candle holders from my mom’s childhood. They were wee plastic animals that held the candles perfectly, but they were also very fragile. Through the years, several broke and now I’m not even sure where the rest are. I love the idea of making my own version for my kids to use, so this tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion is going to the top of my must-try list. [via ohdeedoh]

4 thoughts on “How-To: Plastic Animal Candle Holders

  1. susan says:

    sooo cute!!
    where can i find food-safe gold paint?

  2. Amy Kefauver says:

    Oh! This takes me back! We had special candle holders for my three children when they were growing up, then we moved and…I wonder where they are now? You have inspired me to finish unpacking! (after all, we’ve only been in the new house 3 years….) Cannot wait to follow the tutorial!

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