Live Updates from Maker Faire New York

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Live Updates from Maker Faire New York


Another incredible Faire is in the books. Those who sponsored, exhibited, and attended, thank you very much. As well as those who enjoyed the live blog and live stream. See you again soon.

Replay the livestream here to live through all the magic again.

Richard Garriott (left) and Michael Dubno (right) check out the Les Machines exhibit (Mike)
Vocal eyes, an assistive technology for the sight-impaired (Mike
Maker Health area has some incredible innovations (Mike)
This project, through Parsons, is to create apparel and attire that is useful for people with assistive needs. (Mike)
Another attempt through the laser maze (Mike)
Robert from Ireland shows off his light-up fashions in the dark room (Mike)

Heavy Meta regales the crowds with its fire antics (Hep)

Hands-on activities and free workshops galore. (Mike)
One of my favorite projects this year, a group that is converting their grandfather’s recently re-discovered 16mm film to digital. (Mike)

Family bot building (Mike)
Onion Omega controlling a robot arm via smartphone accelerometer. (Mike)
Onion Omega projects (Mike)
The new XYZ full-color printer (Mike)
Full-color prints from XYZ’s new printer (Mike)
Roomba-based art bot (Mike)
“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” (Mike)
Empire State Model Makers have some incredible creations (Mike)
14′ aircraft carrier! (Mike)
We’re off to the races! (Mike)

From Infinite Scenic, this is going to be a massive painting, to be raffled off at the end of the day. I bought a hand full of tickets!  (Caleb Kraft)

I loved this pinball machine made from lego mindstorms. Apparently it is 2 robots, the flippers are one, and the top half is another. You can find their info in the pic below. (Caleb Kraft)

Dale Dougherty and Louise Glasgow kick off the day with the count down as eager fairegoers enter the grounds. (Hep Svadja 10:00am)

SUNDAY: With one day down and one day to go, there is still a ton of ground to cover and cool projects to explore!


SeeMeCNC displays their giant 3D printer. (Hep Svadja, 3:20pm)

The shiny new Prusa M3 behind a number of prints that show the wide range of materials it can handle. (Hep Svadja 3:10pm)

TOBOR the robotic dinosaur meets a pink R2D2. (Sophia Smith 2:45pm)

A young boy controls the Dancing Water Fountain by Scott Schneider. The pools shoot water based on input from a small musical keyboard. (Sophia Smith 1:30pm)

A group of fairegoers gets acquainted with one of the R2D2’s built by the R2D2 Builders Club. (Sophia Smith 1pm)

Les Machines shows off their miniature ant, crawling slowly on a conveyor belt for all to see (Mike 12pm)

The Digikey booth is full of excitement (Mike 1205pm)

A giant Metro Express and our Handy Dandy board guide in the Digikey booth. (Mike 1205pm)

Makers Italia has a lot of great demos (Mike 1210pm)

One of the most active stages, Make: Electronics has a big crowd for the Raspberry Pi talk. (Mike 1220pm)



Zakk shows off his springy stilts in front of the drone racing tent. (Sophia Smith 12:08pm)

Kids try their hand at woodworking at the Maple Woodshop booth. (Sophia Smith 11:45am)

Robotic drums are a normal thing at Maker Faire thanks to Pony Trap. It is crazy to hear a bunch of music coming out of a drum set without any one standing there banging on them! (Caleb Kraft 11:22am)


Another exciting Maker Faire announcement: Dremel reveals their upcoming Digilab laser cutter here at Maker Faire. (Caleb 10:37am)

Prusa launches its new printer here at Maker Faire, the i3 Mk3! Here’s our review. (Matt 10:10am)

SATURDAY: It is early and bright and breezy here in Queens as Maker Faire kicks off. Gates open at 10am, come on down!

A Maker Faire kickoff tradition, our Friday night maker dinner, supplied by Gerard’s Paella. (Mike, Friday 630pm)

Before the show starts, a few photos from our Make: Education Forum yesterday, a packed event with great presentations from Dr. Kylie Peppler (Indiana University), Ji Qie (MIT/Chibitronic, Hal Speed (micro:bit), Daniel Rabuzzi (, Jason Kridner (BeagleBoard), George Hart (Stony Brook University), Kathy Ceceri (Make: author), Beth Watson (Microsoft), Jacqueline Russell (MakeCode), Trey Lathe (MakerEd), David Wells (NySci), Josh Weisgrau (Digital Promise), Chad Ratliff (ACPS), Lori Stahl-Van Brackle (NYCDOE), Analise Phillips (NYSCI), Luke Bauer (The Urban Assembly Maker Academy), Kristen Pozzuoli (DK Publishing), and from sponsors DK, Microsoft, Dremel, BeagleBoard, and MakerShare.


Not in New York for Maker Faire? Check back here often for live updates from the ground as we rove the fairegrounds in search of robots, sawdust, bubbles, fire, and magic.

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