Make these Denim Projects for the Blue Jeans’ 142nd Birthday

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Make these Denim Projects for the Blue Jeans’ 142nd Birthday


For the past 142 years, blue jeans have been a favorite of men and women with dirty and tough jobs due to their durability and comfort. Created on May 20th, 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, they would go on to become a staple in homes and workshops worldwide.

The rugged material and sturdy construction of a good pair of jeans means that they will have a long life, even after you’ve worn them completely out. You may not be able to wear them any more, but you can always repurpose an old pair of jeans into a multitude of useful things.

Lets celebrate the 142nd birthday of the humble blue jean with some fantastic projects to reuse your worn out duds.



Blue Jean Tool Wrap

Wrap your tools for easy transport and sublime organization with this perfect reuse of old torn jeans. This simple tool wrap can be made by even the most novice with a sewing machine and will last virtually forever.



Repurposed House Slippers

Jeans are so rugged, you can literally walk on them for extended amounts of time without them immediately disintegrating like many other materials would. A perfect example of this are these upcycled blue jean house slippers. A quick sewing project leaves you with some comfy house slippers that should last quite a while.



Crochet Retro Purse

You may not see the jeans in action here, but they’re serving to keep everything nice and strong. The blue jean lining to this crochet retro purse means it will stand up to pretty much anything.



Fringed Sunglass Clutch

When those jeans make the inevitable transition from pants to shorts, use that extra material to make a matching clutch!


Bean Bag DSLR Pod

Sometimes a tripod is just too much of a pain. A bean bag will do the job just fine. Here’s how to make your own DSLR Bean Bag for keeping that camera nice and level.



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