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I managed not to screw up the second part of Episode #005 (finishing up our conversation with Tom Igoe) and it went off without a hitch. Audio is still problematic and I’m not sure we’re going to be able to do much about it. We’re at the mercy of whatever phone tech our guests call in on. But we’ll keep fighting the good fight.

Dale was in meetings, so Mark joined Goli and me. We talked a little about some of our host pics for the week:

  • One of my picks was Theo Gray’s amazing new book Mad Science: Experiments You Can Do at Home, But Probably Shouldn’t. I’ll have a full review of it later in the week. Xeni over at Boing Boing beat me to it. Read her review here.
  • My other pick was, a site collecting… ah… inappropriate crafts. Mildly not safe for work. Mostly bathroom humor level, and just seriously wrong. But I laughed so hard at some of this stuff, I almost pulled something.
  • Goli and the crew in Sebastopol were neck-deep in getting Volume 18 off to the printer on Friday, so that was her pick. The upcoming issue in entitled ReMake America: Building a Sustainable Future. She talked about some of the projects, which include building a rainwater collection system, an inexpensive home heat exchanger, and the Garduino (an Arduino-powered plant monitor). Look for Volume 18 the middle of next month.
  • Mark recently built another cigar box instrument. He was really over the moon for two websites related to cigar box instruments, Cigar Box Nation and One String Willie. I loved hearing how enthusiastic he was about this strange and wonderful-sounding maker community. He talked about how welcoming everybody is, how cool and interesting some of the projects are, and how amazing some of these crude instruments actually sound. In following up the show, he sent me links to a couple of his favorite videos:

Our guest on the show was Tom Igoe, co-author of Physical Computing, author of Making Things Talk , and one of the developers of the Arduino microcontroller. We talked about his teaching at ITP, about the development of Arduino and the new Arduino MEGA, and about his roller girls fetish (no, really).

Make: Talk Episode #006, Friday April 17, 2009
Our guest this Friday is going to be the amazing, the brilliant, the superwoman of geekery, Jeri Ellsworth, aka Circuit Girl, of the dynamic duo The Fat Man and Circuit Girl. We’ll be talking to Jeri about her storied career, her current projects, and her Easy Bake chip lab, which she’s bringing to Maker Faire. This episode will begin our run-up to the Faire, from now on featuring guests who’ll be there.

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