Make: Talk #011 show notes & next episode (today, 12-noon PDT!)


Last Friday, we had a great show with Ken Gracey of Parallax and Jeff Ledger of the Parallax forums, the fellow organizing the upcoming all-night Unofficial Propeller Expos. The first one, Expo West, is happening on June 27-28, 2009, at Parallax HQ, in Rocklin, CA. Expo North East is happening on August 22, in Norwalk, OH. We talked about Parallax, the Parallax Propeller chip, and the expos. Sounds like a lot of fun and we made Jeff promise to send us reports and pictures from the events.

This week, Friday, May 22, is our Maker Faire Special, with at least three guests who’ll be presenting their work at the Faire: Cole Ingraham, the creator of The Pentachord, a type of “long string instrument,” Noah Thorp, from the Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group, and Tito Jankowski, a “DIYbiologist.”

We’ll be giving away a few Faire tickets to callers, too! So, give us a call! The call-in number is (646) 915-8698.

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