Maker Faire Orlando Celebrates 10 Years Of Awesome

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Maker Faire Orlando Celebrates 10 Years Of Awesome

Maker Faire Orlando celebrates 10 years of awesome this weekend as it gets underway at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The all-volunteer team, lead by the intrepid makers of Maker FX Makerspace, once again have put together an amazing collection individual maker projects, workshops for the whole family, the infamous Robot Ruckus, done, belt sander + power wheels racing, and more. The 10th edition will feature makers from near and far across three expo halls and outdoor spaces. Join a scavenger hunt: Document your travels through Maker Faire by scanning your RFID card on the IoT node at each participating exhibit. Track your progress and compete to visit more exhibits than your friends in a set period of time. Win swag and get a certificate mapping your participation!

Makers + More

Every year Maker Faire Orlando hosts hundreds of makers who show off projects big and small. From crazy cosplay to workshops for little hands the event has something for everyone. Here’s a selection of projectsthat will be in attendence this year.

Hand made collectables in 3D origami by Junko’s Pop Emporium.

Come check out the MakerFX Makerspace booth and crush your own souvenir can.

Maker Faire Orlando isn’t all about cosplay and combat robotics. Local makers and inventors are also busy on the floor hocking their designs and wares. One of these is 3D GLOOP which has sprung up to support the 3D printing community. “3D Gloop is a specially formulated adhesive compound designed specifically for the plastics used by 3D Printers. 3D Gloop! is hands down the best adhesive for holding your ABS, PLA, and PETG 3D prints together. No more messy epoxies or super glues & activators that don’t work. With 3D Gloop! you will get the strongest and most reliable bond compared to any other adhesive on the market!

Armed only with foam, simple tools, paint and a heavy dose of imagination, Elle, a seamstress for over 25 years and Fred, a painter and propmaker, make cosplays as Fred and Elle Designs.

Curtis Epperson Art. I make art out of words! I did last year’s Maker Faire Orlando logo. With every piece I do, my goal is not only to entertain you, but also to inspire and educate you! All of my art is made entirely of words, and all of the words and phrases describe the art, telling fun facts about each piece! No word is ever repeated, and every letter is individually hand-drawn! I like to think of my art as a puzzle meets a word search, but most importantly, a beautiful piece of art for any home or office!

I’m an artist and illustrator concentrating on visual storytelling. I’m licensed with numerous franchises including Star Wars, John carpenter’s Halloween, Hannibal, Topps and Netflix Stranger Things. Most recently I was one of the featured artists for Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim California. I also create in leather craft and recently have been creating on our new Glowforge.

Hello! I’m Daniella, a full-time artist making comics and illustrations. While I make a variety of work, my current project is a webcomic called Galactic Problems. The series follows a group of misfit private investigators, solving mysteries in another galaxy. While my main passion is original work with my own stories, I also enjoy drawing some fan-art!

Joe Donoughe returns with his human-powered snowcone maker! Leave time in to walk, crank, push & pull your way to a yummy treat!

The Boom Bike by MakerFX Makerspace (also the producers of MF Orlando) returns!

The Great Ball Contraption is a collaboration in LEGO fans build modules. These are combined on-site to form a large Rube Goldberg-style mechanical contraption. The goal is to pass LEGO soccer balls and basketballs from one module to the next.

Ham radio and electronics of all sorts, is a great hobby, and for many a wonderful career choice. I have been a ham radio licensee (call sign W1HV )and radio electronics enthusiast for many years and want to share my hobby and career experiences with all Maker Faire attendees. young and old alike. Please stop by this booth and ask any and all questions related to Ham radio, how to start, classes of licenses available, how to study and get a call sign & license, how to set up a station and antenna, and how to get on the air with your own radio station. and lots more.

Stop by the Retro Computer exhibit in the Spirit Building for some extra nostalgia and a fun game starring Makey, the Maker Faire Robot!

Robot Ruckus

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