May The 4th Be With You: 7 Projects To Bring Star Wars To Life

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May The 4th Be With You: 7 Projects To Bring Star Wars To Life

The maker community are, generally speaking, big fans of Star Wars. Heck, even the folks who say that Star Wars is nothing more than space wizards, and that Star Trek is the true science fiction royalty will admit that robots and space wizards are still pretty cool.

On today, we all celebrate, whether we’re big fans or not, so here are seven awesome projects to bring out the space wizard in you.

BB-8 puppet built from a cheap globe

Super low tech BB-8 puppet

I had to put my personal project first. Call it ego, but also it is probably the only one of these you’ll actually complete in a day (except for the cupcakes).

Kurt Zimmerman's BB-8 Build
Kurt Zimmerman’s nearly-completed full-size Star Wars BB-8 droid.

Build a Full sized functional BB-8 from Power Wheels

Of course, many of you wouldn’t be happy with a simple puppet. Here’s one with electronic guts to keep you satisfied.

Star Wars Speeder Quadcopter

looong before BB-8, many of us were obsessed with the idea of flying one of these speeders in the forests of Endor. With this project you totally can, at least by FPV proxy.

Macrame Baby Yoda

The only way to make Baby Yoda or Grogu or whatever their name is any cuter is to make them in macrame. Here’s the pattern, you know you want to.

The comprehensive guide to building a realistic R2-D2

Here is the big stuff. Movie accurate, fully mobile, and utterly awesome. This is how you build the real R2.

Imperial Shuttle GIF

Build an imperial shuttle drone

I don’t know who is really into the imperial shuttle drones, but before you discount this project, go watch the video and see it hovering down to a landing. If you’re the right age, that visual will send shivers down your spine and you’ll understand this project immediately.

BB-8 Cupcakes

I wanted to finish with another quick and easy one. Frankly, cupcakes rock. You could replicate this, or color them to look like deathstars, or simply shovel them into your gullet without decorating them and feel like Jaba the Hutt for the rest of the day.

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