The Atlanta Mini Maker Faire in Photos

The Atlanta Mini Maker Faire in Photos

The third annual Atlanta Mini Maker Faire was this past Saturday on Georgia Tech’s campus. The weather was nice, the football team had an away game (therefore leaving the campus devoid of rowdy fans), and the makers were out in full swing. Check out a few highlights below:

Photos by Brian Gardner

Congrats to the production team on a great show. I’m looking forward to coming out again next year to see how much it’s grown.

6 thoughts on “The Atlanta Mini Maker Faire in Photos

  1. Laura Cochrane says:

    Is Non-Newtonian Hopscotch where the squares are filled with cornstarch and water?

    1. Eric Weinhoffer says:

      Yeah, I thought that was a great idea. Messy, but fun :)

    2. Heather Slutzky says:

      Yep. My son had a great time with it, and then we (ahem — I) made a batch at home to take to school.

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