10 Spooky Science Tricks for Kids


Looking for some spooky fun science experiments? HooplaKidzLab is getting kids and parents alike in the Halloween spirit by demonstrating spooktacularly fun home science projects. To get started, check out these 10 simple experiments below!

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Ghost Marbles


Aqua gel beads + water = gooey marbles for days! These little spheres are almost invisible while they’re sitting in water, but scoop them out and voila — gooey, ghosty marbles in your hand.

Dancing Ghosts


Cut out some spooky shapes from crepe paper and then use static electricity to summon them at will for a ghoulish dance!

Wrapper Worms


Learn about water absorbency with this simple trick. Who knew that straw wrappers mixed with water could result in so much fun?

Scary Slime


Here’s a simple, classic recipe for kids to make homemade slime using green food dye, PVA glue, and water.

Glowing Rubber Egg


It wouldn’t be Halloween without some ominous glowing objects. Is it radioactive? Paranormal? Either way, try soaking a hard-boiled egg and a highlighter in water for some glow-in-the-dark fun!

Become a Duck


Looking for some sound effects to compliment your costume? Cut the tip of your straw to turn it into a quacking machine.

Eskimo Glove


Fill a Ziploc bag with lard to create a DIY cold-resistant glove to withstand freezing temperatures. You won’t feel a thing!

Witches Brew


Double, double, toil, and trouble. Mix golden syrup, food dye, baking soda and vinegar to watch your cauldron bubble!

Raining Blood


Here’s a macabre take on your retro lava lamp. Mix food dye and oil to create this spooky concoction!



Mix up some corn flour, food dye, and water to create a quicksand-like sinkhole!

To find more spooky Halloween ideas, including fun crafts leading up to Halloween, check out the YouTube Kids app.

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