Arduino on 64-bit Linux

Arduino on 64-bit Linux


Matt Mets writes:

After bemoaning the lack of a 64-bit version of the last few Arduino releases, and the subsequent hoops that had to be followed to make the 32-bit version work in Ubuntu, I finally decided to get off of my laurels and just build the thing. You can get the package here, or read on to build your own.

Over at Adafruit there’s a quick hack to get Arduino 16 working with a recent OS X Java update, if that’s your flavor.

Image above is from Linux Planet.

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4 thoughts on “Arduino on 64-bit Linux

  1. Eric Xu says:

    For 64 bit machine, the only problem is that you have to manually install the file since the one in the arduino package is 32 bit. But since I actually use the IDE and a parallel ISP programmer and an AVR instead of with arduino, I never tested if this library works.

    Other than the serial thing, the IDE works well on my machine (AMD64 + ubuntu 9.10), I even hacked it so that it can program any AVR chip with one click, using the wonderful processing-like syntax and environment.

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Sure, however it’s annoying to have to download and modify each release that comes out, and some parts only work if you have the 32-bit compatibility library installed, so it would be nicer to have a ‘pure’ 64-bit version.

      There is an outstanding bug with the 64-bit version of that ships in Ubuntu (, which affects the serial monitor portion that I mentioned.

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