Best of MAKE: Most Controversial Posts

Best of MAKE: Most Controversial Posts

It’s been such a treat to look through so many heartfelt (yes, sometimes brash) comments on posts from the past year. Looking to 2012, I’m sure we’ll see more newsworthy items that whet people’s appetite for healthy debate. But first, check out these ten from the past year that cranked up the heat in the comments.


“Why are ‘Arduinos’ so popular? Because people are lazy.” Why the Arduino Won and Why It’s Here to Stay


“They’re coming for my guns and my command line interface! Oh, the humanity!!!” Walled Gardens vs. Makers


“Not only should Gearloose be in the list, he should’ve won.” Which Comic Book Character is the Greatest Maker of all Time?


“No matter what happens, I don’t see Instructables becoming the all conquering site for hobbyist makers, or if it’s closed, I don’t see it creating a void that wouldn’t be filled instantly with lot of new sites.” Autodesk Acquires Instructables: What It Means for Makers


“I don’t know if it’s really too little too late but if the Shack is really trying, they need to kill the 15000 cellphones and get back to what I always thought they were about: helping people.” Radio Shack Decides It Loves DIYers After All


“Do you think his teleprompter will get jealous?” Build Your Own Obama Speech


“So yes, turn my library into a makerspace. Please. I’ll go MORE often than I already do. But don’t do it because it is profitable; do it because it serves a need.” Is it Time to Retool Public Libraries and Make “Tech Shops”?


“I would only pull the trigger on a printed AR lower with a long string while the rifle is held in a bench rest. And don’t even think of printing an upper AR receiver, it will fail, and the results will be painful.” Proscribed Printables


“But we’ll have to see how relevant they are after their falsely inflated economy crashes, and makes the great depression look like a tiny recession.” Why Every Maker Should Learn Chinese


“Remember kids, better safe than free.” TSA Shuts Down Airport Over Science Project in Mint Tin

8 thoughts on “Best of MAKE: Most Controversial Posts

  1. johngineer says:

    alternate title: “Phil Torrone vs. The World” :)

  2. Alexander says:

    For people clicking on the images like I first did, read carefully, the link to the images is below the article. The images themselves only go to a page where we get a PHP division by 0 (Kaboom, universe ends here no?) error : (

    1. Michael Colombo says:

      Thanks for catching that. The glitch with the image links has been fixed – the images should now link to their respective articles.

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