Duck Feeds Kids When Kids Feed Ducks


In this digital performance experiment from the students of the Digital World and Image Group at Georgia Tech, an Arduino-based robotic duck spits out treats for kids when enough real ducks are gathered in the stream below. In order to get the real ducks to accumulate, the kids must feed them. The purpose of this experiment? To “digitally analyze and invert behaviors that are taken for granted in public spaces.” I can’t speak to that, but it looks like a lot of fun for the kids. [via Geekosystem]

6 thoughts on “Duck Feeds Kids When Kids Feed Ducks

  1. Elliot Murphy says:


  2. Jacob Gillespie says:

    The whole “ducks feed people” thing kinda breaks down when you realize that the oversized “duck head” is actually a robot designed by humans, powered by human-written software.

    So, it’s more like “humans feed humans when humans feed ducks,” or something along those lines.

  3. AMalePoet says:

    But what if food made of duck is offered the target humans? Still like Jacob says or a differing vetor?

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