Machine Collective: physical interface prototype

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Machine Collective: physical interface prototype

From the Make Flickr Pool:

Erik has created a nice collection of PCBs for Arduino. They are part of a larger project for the Machine Collective.

In spite of all the smart, multifunctional and state-of-the-art controllers that are commercially available today, there is a continuous demand for custom physical interfaces and configurable controllers. When using development platforms such as Arduino a lot of people will end up with great applications and a breadboard full of components and wires.

This so called “physical interface prototype” isn’t exactly portable, nor suitable for use during a live performance, in a studio environment or as part of an interactive installation. Some people are great with electronics and software, but when it comes to constructing an enclosure they run into problems. Lack of supplies, suitable tools and DIY-skills are common reasons why many projects just end up in a “temporary” cardboard case or never even get past the breadboarding stage.

Erik writes:

The Pcb’s shown are ment to expand the arduino from inputs / outputs, in the form of a shield in a easy without having to breadboard. The ones not mentioned yet are a Arduino Relay Shield with a Arduino Relaycontrol Shield, the 32 digital-in Shield and a 32 digital out Shield.
Nothing especially that I have in mind. Off course I have some ideas what to do with them, which is use the shields in as inputs with the MachineCollective modules.

For a sneak-preview take a look at the, here you find still in a big beta-phase the website, where I will hopefully soon can put a some tests and store for these shields.

What projects have you created with Arduino? What is the best way to get started? Do you have ideas on improving physical interface issues with projects that you or the people around you have done? Post your ideas/solutions/frustrations in the comments and upload pictures and video to the Make Flickr pool.

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